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Year 6


Message from Mrs Richards and Mr Rawlinson

Below is the Theatre activity sheet.


As we are now back teaching in the classroom, the class Stream is going to be mainly looked after by Mrs Leadbetter. During school days, you may wish to post on the class Stream as we, and the children in school, will see them when we use chromebooks . Mrs Leadbetter, however, will look at the Stream more regularly and will be available to answer any questions you may have about the next set of tasks and to share work with. You can make as much use of her as you want to as she will be ready to look at your communication throughout the day.  


If you wish, you can send work to Mrs Leadbetter’s gmail address: and she will look at it and make comments. Obviously, we will look at the stream too but may not be able to do this until after our ‘bubble’ group has left for the day.  


On a Friday, Mrs Leadbetter will also be teaching and so we may not be able to respond to any posts or emails until after school finishes. 


Click on the link to view the tasks. Resources and templates for writing have been posted onto the Classroom.

  • Mr Green's challenge to learn all times tables to 12X - start practising! Click here to go to Mr Green's Weekly Times Tables Quiz.
  • Danny's Gralphabeat Challenge - be part of a collaborative video which will give you the opportunity to focus on all that there is to be grateful for during this time


BE CREATIVE                                                                                                                  

Fancy some time away from your screen? Would you like some fun activities that will help you to be creative and relax a little? Take a look here




  • Complete the Daily Maths Challenge (this will be posted each day in the Classroom. Post your answers on there as well and look to see if other people have got the same as you)
  • TT Rockstars Final week of 1st round HOUSE BATTLES begin tomorrow - competition is hotting up!
  • One test per week from your Mental Arithmetic book 
  • White Rose Maths in partnership with the BBC Bitesize Daily team has developed a 12-week learning programme for the summer term. Each week five new lessons are added. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.



  • Continue to practise spellings from the spellings from the Word Wall.
  • Have a look at for writing ideas. This resource starts with a 'weird, wonderful and/or thought provoking image' to encourage children to write imaginatively. The starter activities help launch ideas and also focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar choices to improve writing. Great for discussion and some fabulous images to choose from!  Hopefully, children will want to talk about what they see and then write about it.  There's also a colourful board below for the children to tick off different types of writing that they choose to do. Time to get creative!
  • Guided Reading (the Weekly Planner page of your class will show which chapter(s) to read and the task will be posted in Classroom)
  • Try to read each day if you can. If you are running out of new books take a look at the Accelerated Reading website ( . They are giving free access to 7,000 digital books and 5 daily news articles.



Joe Wicks  Daily Kids workout - 9am daily



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