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Year 5


Hello again Year 5.

We hope you are all well and surviving lockdown. We know it is not ideal but health is the priority and hopefully if everyone follows the rules then we will be back to school sooner rather than later. We have put another pack (hopefully it will be the last one) together for you to work on from Monday 22nd February. We have also included a suggested timetable for you to try to follow. There are lots of tasks to do but we don’t expect you to do them all at once. Plan out when you are going to do each task. Do not worry if you have to swap lessons around and change days for certain reasons. You can plan one out that works for you - as long as you are attempting the work. Some tasks you will do on paper, some in your textbook and some on Google Classroom. Google Classroom is the best place to go to check for the latest updates and information. It is also the best place to contact us. We are looking forward to our Google Meet sessions when you can ask questions and tell us how you are getting on. You can find the day/date and time of the meetings in the weekly timetables posted below.

BE CREATIVE                                                                                                                  

Fancy some time away from your screen? Would you like some fun activities that will help you to be creative and relax a little? Take a look here