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Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday and we are so sorry not to have all our lovely Y4 children back at school to start 2021. We miss them all so much! Here’s hoping that we will all be together again very soon. Please read on for information about your child’s learning at home.


How will home learning be organised?

We will be sending work home for children to complete during their time away from school. The first two weeks’ activities are being sent out tomorrow, with subsequent work being sent on a daily basis. The initial 2-week package of activities is mostly focused on ‘Chocolate’ – a perfect excuse to use up all the leftovers from Christmas!! There are general activities to be completed over the two weeks, plus Literacy and Maths activities for Week 1 and Week 2. Following this, the work will be related to our usual Y4 topic based curriculum.

Where can the home learning resources be found?

All resources will be available through the Google classroom. For the first 2 week package, we are also providing paper copies in packs to be collected from school. These packs also include the children’s Learning Challenge books (with new Spring Term challenges), their Mental Maths books and a school work book for children to use to record any of their home learning.

What are the children expected to do?

For these first 2 weeks, please encourage your children to do some Literacy and Maths each day, plus any of the general activities from the pack. If you need extra to keep them busy, they can complete any Learning Challenges they would like to do, lots of reading and spelling practice (weekly spellings will be posted on the Google classroom.) We would also like them to complete Section 2, Tests 1 and 2 from their Mental Maths books.

What contact will there be from teachers?

Where possible, children can send their work to us via the Google classroom, shared through the Google drive or emailed directly to or We will aim to respond with direct feedback to the child. Home learning will be managed by the members of staff not teaching in school so may not be from your child’s class teacher but will be from a member of the Y4 teaching team.


We hope that clarifies our short-term home learning plans and gives some idea of what to expect longer term. Of course, if you have any concerns or problems accessing the work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Many thanks and best wishes,


Mrs Ingram, Mrs Daker and the Y4 team

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