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Weekly Wellbeing Challenges   

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge - Be Kind Challenge

When we are kind, it can increase our happiness and reduce how worried we get. Think of any acts of kindness you can do; feeding a pet, putting away shopping, being grateful or making a card perhaps. Let us show each other we care. 

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge - Practicing Breathing and Relaxation

Weekly Wellbeing Challenge - Be Positive - Positivity Jar

Fill your jar with positive words and comments. The purpose of the jar is to use it whenever you are feeling sad and need to remember all of the positive and wonderful things about you.

Activities and Links


Basically children are invited to draw anything that they dream of for when lockdown and the Covid pandemic are over. They can choose from six bottle templates and can enter the drawings onto social media with the hashtag #bottlemoments. Entering the competition gives them the opportunity to have their picture drawn by Bottle Moments cartoonist, Rob Murray, printed on a special mug and presented to them in person by Good Morning Britain host, Ben Shephard. Anyone can do the activity just for fun. It’s a lovely idea! For more information please click on this link:

My 2021 Covid-19 Time Capsule:

This booklet acknowledges that we are all living through quite a notable historical event right now. Within it is an activity that is an opportunity for children, together with family members to create a keepsake for their future self to look back on. We hope that all our children enjoy this work and have fun deciding how the finished booklet will be stored and where. Perhaps it will be sealed in a container and buried in the garden or perhaps in a corner of the loft maybe. Either way, please share any photos of your time capsule, we would love to see them! (A printed version of this booklet will be available in the paper learning pack on 19/02).

Activity: Mindful Moments Mood Mosaic
Each day colour in one section of your mosaic in your chose emotion colour. Day by day watch your mosaic become colourful. Which colour is dominant? Which emotion do you feel mainly most of the time?

Activity: My Helpful Workbook

The workbook below is full of daily activities that you can work through independently or with a family member to encourage a positive mindset.