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Week Beginning: 20 January 2020





PE kit in every day with separate outdoor trainers, socks and outdoor top


Mental Maths handed in (Test 5), Spellings handed out: official, commercial, glacial, special, facial, social, artificial, financial, racial + rhythm, soldier, stomach, Expelliarmus spellings: window, every, any, missed, parked, lived, liked, stopped, eggs, remember, M&M Productions: A Christmas Carol
Tuesday Mental maths out (for next Monday), Guided Reading in, Sno Zone visit


Birthday in the classsmiley


Girls’ football tournament, Guided Reading homework out (for next Tuesday), Open the Book worship, Maths club on


Learning Challenge 16 deadline, Planners in, Spelling test, Basketball

Please note: this is a guide as to what is happening during the week - things may change