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Weekly Planner

Week Beginning: 11 November 2019






PE kit in every day with separate outdoor trainers, socks and outdoor top


Anti-bullying week, Mental Maths handed in, Guided Reading homework handed in, Spellings handed out: fiction, fictitious, vice, vicious, caution, cautious, malice, malicious, grace, gracious & hindrance, interfere, interrupt, Expelliarmus spellings: through, right, these, next, baby, another, because, clothes, morning, queen, Remembrance Day Worship (10:50)




Mental maths homework given out (for next Monday), Yr6 Sno zone trip, Wear odd socks


A birthdaysmiley


Rock Church worship, Parent/Grandparent dinner


Mr Bower’s workshop, Worship Team assembly, Guided Reading homework given out (for next Monday)




Learning Challenge 13 deadline, Planners in, Spelling test, Children in Need talent show


A birthday at the weekendsmiley

Please note: this is a guide as to what is happening during the week - things may change