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Travel AG

The Travel Action Group aims to tackle many of the different issues associated with travelling safely and more sustainably to school, including encouraging more walking, scooting and cycling, discouraging on street parking close to school and involving pupils in travel initiatives and road safety.

Traffic and Travel


Golden Lock

One of the things we do is award the Golden Lock. On a Monday we put a ‘golden lock’ on a child’s bike or scooter and if they find the lock on their bike or scooter they will be rewarded with a little prize and they can also keep the ‘travel teddy’ until the end of the week. We do this to encourage children to scoot and bike and be more active.


Jack Archer – Walk to School Week

If you were wondering what the Jack Archer is? It’s an award for the school where the most children walk to school over a week. AYJS won the award in 2017 and again in 2021 - the fact we won proves we are a very active, health school! 

Jack Archer Award - Walk to School Week

2020: Walk to School Week - SECOND PLACE IN THE CITY!

We came a marvellous second, just behind Clifton Green Primary in the city-wide standings for ‘Walk to School Week’. I am also pleased to tell you that the Infant School finished third, so a brilliant result for our joint school community. What a thrilling achievement and I can tell we are building our form to come first next year! We can do it TEAM AYJS!



Lollipop Lady – Safe Crossing

We have a lollipop lady, Mrs Haynes. She has the job of making it safe for children to cross the road at the safe crossing near the school gates. She is doing an amazing job. This means children can get to school on foot or scooter or bike as they can cross the road safely


No Car Day

Once every month we have a NO CAR DAY. We try to encourage our school to bring no cars or to use ‘Park and Stride’ if they live a bit too far away to walk, bike or scoot to school. This encourages children to be healthy and fit. It stops pollution and damage to our planet and it makes the area around school much safer.


Bike-IT Breakfast

To encourage children to bike or scoot to school every year we hold an exciting BIKE IT BREAKFAST. We provide healthy food for breakfast including fruit and yogurt for children and their families on that morning. It gives us energy for the day ahead and is a sociable event at school. We give out raffle tickets to children and parents! who scoot or bike and there are lots of prizes to be won.