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The Gralphabeat Challenge

The Lifezone Show: The Gralphabeat Challenge


This week’s special message to our children is from Danny Sewell and he has set us a challenge:


My name is Danny Sewell and I’ve had the privilege of regularly visiting AYJS over the last 16 years to run exciting assemblies as part of Lifezone.


Lifezone has a great YouTube channel featuring The Lifezone Show, an inspirational YouTube show that is “A little bit of serious and a whole lot of fun!”


I’d like to invite you to be part of a collaborative video which will give us the opportunity to focus on all that there is to be grateful for during this time. 


This is a fun little video I put together this week and having finished it I thought it’d be great to invite others to get on board so that we can create something together:


I’d like to recreate The Gralphabeat Challenge from the above video with all the things that YOU are thankful for!


Here’s what we need to do to make this happen:

  1. Think of something you’re really grateful for.
  2. Get a short video of you with what you’re grateful for, saying what it is with joy and enthusiasm! (Only needs to be maximum of 5 seconds long and preferably recorded in landscape – the long part of the video along the top!)
  3. Send the video to me ( by Monday 1st June 2020 using with a comment saying “I, [Parent/Guardian’s name] give permission for this video to be used as part of The Lifezone Show Gralphabeat Challenge AYJS Special.”


Once I’ve got all the videos, I’ll compile them and share the finished “Gralphabeat Challenge AYJS Special” with the world! 


I look forward to seeing your contributions!


Danny Sewell