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The resources are designed to expose children to current affairs, discover their interests and bring the world closer to their everyday lives. Picture News can be used to inspire and engage in real-life learning that they can impact and influence! 

Support for the Afghan Refugees

We are extremely proud of Frieda Coates (Y6) who gave an excellent and extremely well researched presentation in worship on Wednesday highlighting the situation for the Afghan people living under the control of the Taliban and how we can support the Afghan refugees. I feel very humbled by her passion to make a difference and the action she is taking to challenge AYJS community. She is a great role model to us all. 


Reminder: On Friday 19th November, we will be accepting donations of warm clothes e.g. coats, jumpers, blankets and other warm items for the Afghan families – adults and children. Please hand in to class teachers. We would also like to invite all pupils at AYJS to make a ‘Welcome to York’ card to show we care and to help make families feel safe here in York. We hope you will support this special request.