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School Communications for week ending Friday 11 September 2020


11/09/2020: Newsletter

Please keep a lookout for the AYJS newsletter which will be going out via ParentHub this weekend


11/09/2020: DangerZone - Year 6
St Andrew’s church youth group starts again tonight at 7pm and we would love to invite anyone from Year 6 to join. The meeting is online but it's never boring! Be prepared for singing, games and running madly round the house. The meeting is fully risk assessed and follows all rules on safeguarding. To get a meeting code please email


08/09/2020: Year 3 and Year 4 Collection/Drop-off Arrangements

What a lovely start to the term and a super day that we have had with all the Y3 children. We can’t wait to welcome Y4 back tomorrow.
Just to confirm from our previous message today, from now on at drop off in the morning (8.40am for Y3 and 8.50am for Y4) please send your child through the side gate on Appleton Road and move swiftly on. Teachers will be waiting on the playground to welcome and receive your child.
When you are queuing on Appleton Road please do not queue up in the direction of the Pinfold as this makes the corner very dangerous for pedestrians, car users and our Crossing Patrol. We know you will continue to social distance wherever possible.
At the end of the school day the side gate on will be opened at 3.10pm for Y3 and 3.20pm for Y4. To make collection safe, we know ask that you come through the gate, walk across the playground and collect your child who will be standing on a spot with their class teacher. We ask that you collect your child and leave swiftly by the Main school gate on Copmanthorpe Lane using a one-way system.
If you wish to speak to your child’s class teacher, the Headteacher or Mrs Sutton please make an appointment by contacting the School Office on 01904 551630. It is not possible for teachers to chat with you at drop off times.
During the day we have reflected on protocol and feel now that this is a much safer way for the Y3 and Y4 children to arrive and leave school
Many thanks for your support with this. We really appreciate your cooperation.


06/09/2020: Keyboard lessons

Keyboard lessons will not be starting at AYJS this term, however our new keyboard tutor, Mr. Farnhill, is very happy to teach children on line until lessons can resume at school. If you would like further information on these lessons then please contact Mr. Farnhill at


05/09/2020: Acaster Bus

Children coming to school on the Acaster bus: On arrival, enter the school gate and socially distance on playground until it's time to go to class.