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For information about governance in the South York Multi-Academy Trust, including information about the Trustees and Members of the board, please see the SYMAT website.

The Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body is made up of representatives of the school staff, parents  and members of the local community. All of our governors have their own careers and responsibilities but dedicate as much time to the school as they are able. They bring a range of expertise and skills which are all equally valued.



Ms Fiona Phillips


Head Teacher   

Mr Jonathan Green


Parent Governors

Ms Clare Ashton


Ms Fiona Phillips

Mr James Naish



 Staff Governor

Mrs Hannah Leadbetter


 Ex Officio Governor

Rev Chris Coates


 Foundation Governors

Ms Ann Cox

Mrs Pam Coates


Community Governor

Mr Simon Sykes

Mr Chris Brennan
Ms Julie Woolgar



Clerk to the Governors         

Miss Isobel Goforth

Name Governor Role Appointed By Date of Appointment Term of Office Register of business and pecuniary interests
Clare Ashton Parent Parent 13/12/2018 12/12/2022 -
Christopher Brennan Community Trust 24/01/2019 23/01/2023 Bowling Highfield Medical Practice - provision of NHS medical services
Christopher Ian Coates Foundation Ex-Officio 21/10/2002  

Governor - Appleton Roebuck Primary School in the Star MAT

Related to Pamela Coates (Governor at AYJS)

Pamela Mary Coates Foundation York Diocese
 St Andrew's PCC
01/05/2015 15/09/2021 Related to Rev Chris Coates (Governor at AYJS)
Ann Margaret Cox Foundation York Diocese
St Andrew's PCC
05/09/2017 04/09/2020

Vice Chair and SEN Governor at Knavesmire Primary School

Freeman of York, St Andrew's Church PCC Member, Sidesperson, Finance Committee
Member of Ecumenical Council, Bishopthorpe
Terry's Forum Group (New buidling)

Jonathan Green Headteacher Headteacher 01/01/2008   -
Hannah Leadbetter Staff Staff 08/09/2016 07/09/2020 -
James Edward Naish Parent Parent 26/01/2018 25/01/2022 Solicitor/Chartered Surveyor at Naish Estate Agents and Solicitors Limited
Fiona Bernadette Phillips Parent Parent 17/10/2016 16/10/2020

Employed by City of York Council.

York Hospital Foundation Trust (Spouses Employer)

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (Volunteer)

Simon Sykes Community Trust 24/01/2019 23/01/2023 Simon Sykes Builders Limited has carried out minor repairs in school.
Julie Annette Woolgar Community Trust 24/01/2019 23/01/2023 -


Attendance Register: Full Governing Body Meetings 2017 / 2018


21 09 2017

16 11 2017

25 01 2018

22 03 2018

03 05 2018

09 07 2018


Ashton, Clare   P P P P P

Vice Chair from 22 01 2018

Brennan, Chris P P P P P P  
Coates, Christopher A A A A P A  
Coates, Pam P P P P P P  
Cox, Ann P P P P P P Vice Chair until 22 01 2018
Green, Jonathan P P P P P P  
Leadbetter, Hannah P P P P P P  
Naish, James       P P P Elected 26 01 2018
Phillips, Fiona P P P P P P Vice Chair from 16 01 2018
Sykes, Simon A P P P P P  
Woolgar, Julie P P P P A A Chair


Attendance Register: Full Governing Body Meetings 2018/2019


20 09 2018

22 11 2018

24 01 2019

28 03 2019

2 05 2019

11 06 2019

12 07 2019


Ashton, Clare A P P P P P  


Brennan, Chris P P P P P P    
Coates, Christopher A A A P P      
Coates, Pam P P P P P      
Cox, Ann P P P A A P    
Green, Jonathan P P P P P P    
Leadbetter, Hannah P P P P P P    
Naish, James P P P P P P    
Phillips, Fiona P P P P P P    
Sykes, Simon A P P P P P    
Woolgar, Julie P P A P A      


Attendance Register: Resources Committee Meetings 2017/2018

Governor 23 10 2017 22 01 2018 23 04 2018 25 06 2018 Notes
Ashton, Clare P P P P Elected Chair 22 01 2018
Cox, Ann A P P P Chair until 22 01 2018
Green, Jonathan P P P P  
Naish, James     P P Appointed to Committee 22 03 2018
Sykes, Simon P P P P  


Attendance Register: Resources Committee Meetings 2018/2019

Governor 22 10 2018 17 12 2018 25 03 2019 03 06 2019
Ashton, Clare P P P P
Cox, Ann A P P P
Green, Jonathan P P P P
Naish, James P A A P
Sykes, Simon P P P P


Attendance Register: Education and Strategic Committee Meetings 2017/2018

Governor 17 10 2017 16 01 2018 18 06 2018 Notes
Coates, Christopher A P P  
Coates, Pam P A A  
Green, Jonathan P P P  
Leadbetter, Hannah P A P  
Phillips, Fiona A P Chair from 16 01 2018


Attendance Register: Education and Strategic Committee Meetings 2018/2019

Governor 16 10 2018 05 02 2019 02 04 2019 17/06/2019 Notes
Brennan, Christopher   P P P  
Coates, Christopher A A P A

Rejoined committee from 24 01 19

Green, Jonathan P P P P  
Leadbetter, Hannah P P P P  
Phillips, Fiona P P P Chair


Attendance Register: Heath and Safety Premises Group 2017/2018

Governor 09 09 2017 15 01 2018 18 06 2018
Green, Jonathan P P P
Sykes, Simon P P P


Attendance Register: Heath and Safety Premises Group 2018/2019

Governor 06 10 2018 14 01 2019
Green, Jonathan P P
Sykes, Simon P P


Attendance Register: Academisation Working Party 2017/2018

Governor 08 11 2017 04 12 2017 08 03 2018  
Brennan, Chris A A P  
Coates, Christopher        
Green, Jonathan P P P  
Woolgar, Julie P P A Chair


Key: P - Present   A - Apologies received


What Our Governors Do

An important part of the role of the Governing Body is to help set the vision and values for the school, and the policies and procedures that act as a framework for how the school is run. The Governing Body works hard to support the Headteacher to ensure that AYJS is providing the best possible education for its pupils by:

  •  Thinking and working strategically to help raise standards.
  •  Monitoring and evaluating progress towards the school’s priorities and targets.
  •  Supporting the head and staff as well as challenging their expectations – called being a ‘critical friend’.
  •  Accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions they have made.


As well as sharing a common desire to support the school, the Governing Body has statutory duties by which it is legally bound. It is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the school including teaching and learning, health and safety, safeguarding, staffing, premises and finance. At AYJS, the full Governing Body normally meets every half term to discuss and agree the school’s business. The Governing Body goes into school to attend events and to meet with the Headteacher, other members of staff and pupils to help us to find out how the school is progressing towards its targets.  In addition to participating in the full Governing Body, governors may also serve on sub-committees. The sub-committees are:

  • Finance and Resources
  • Education Strategy
  • Headteacher Appraisal and Teachers’ Pay
  • Health and Safety
  • Foundation Governors


Contact the Governors

If you would like to know more about the role of the governors in the running of the school, please contact the Chair of Governors, Fiona Phillips at

Mr Jonathan Green (Headteacher)

I have been teaching at the Archbishop of York’s CE Junior School since 1992! I was appointed Deputy Headteacher and loved teaching in our school so much that I stayed and was lucky enough to be appointed Headteacher in April 2008.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am nuts about cricket. I used to play a lot, but now my knees hurt a little bit too much and my eyesight is not what it was.


I know that I am very privileged to be the Headteacher of such a lovely school in such a super village.

Pam Coates (Foundation Governor)

I have lived in Bishopthorpe for fourteen years and for the last three years have been a governor at AYJS.

I am on the Curriculum Committee which looks at policy, the provision of teaching and the academic progress being made by the children. I have been involved in the interview process for appointing staff. I am link governor for art and music.


As a Foundation Governor from St Andrew’s Church, I am particularly interested in how being a church school makes a distinct difference to the lives of the children at AYJS. I am so proud of their willingness to talk about their personal beliefs and their eagerness to support others and put the school ethos into practice.

I really enjoy coming to share in the life of AYJS.  I visit as often as I am able. I love helping with art groups, attending concerts and church services, going on trips and occasionally having lunch at school. I take assembly each half term, which is a great privilege.


As someone who has always taught and still tutors in the village, I just  can’t stay away from school!

Ann Cox (Foundation Governor)

I feel very privileged to have been made a Foundation Governor at AYJS. 


I am now the Chair of the Resources Committee and a link Governor for Special Needs Children and Religious Education. I am also Vice Chair of Governors at Knavesmire Primary School and have been a governor there for around 14 years. I am a freeman of the City of York and treasurer of the Micklegate Stray.

I moved to Bishopthorpe about 7 years ago to be near to my daughter and family. I have two granddaughters at AYJS, Willow and Rowan Clark. I am a member of St Andrew’s Church in Bishopthorpe and I am a member of the PCC and am on the Finance Committee and take an active part in the life of the Church.   


In any spare time that I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening and reading.

Simon Sykes (Community Governor)

I have been a Governor for a number of years and hold a position on the Resources Committee and Health and Safety Committee.  I have also been involved with various project committees.


In my personal life I am a building contractor and can use my skills to advise on various aspects in School.

My hobbies and pastimes include walking, skiing, travelling and gardening.  I am also involved with the Bishopthorpe Gala and hep with local pantomimes.

Chris Brennan (Community Governor)

Although I live in Acaster Malbis, I’ve had an affinity with Bishopthorpe for a considerable number of years, in particular being a Governor at AYJS since 2004.  Over that period of time I’ve been Chair of Governors, Committee Chair and supported the school through three Ofsted inspections.  My role as a Governor is supportive yet challenging to ensure each child has the same opportunities.  Being part of a very committed, passionate school team ensures we continue to meet the high expectation we all want for our children. 


The different skill mix within the Governor body is important and I bring commercial and business experience from my various roles, initially within the energy industry and latterly as a Business Partner within a medical practice.  The synergy between education and health has enabled me to share and for us to learn from, the challenges affecting both sectors.


In my spare time, if I have any after being ‘dad’s taxi’ for my two daughters, I enjoy most sports in particular rugby, football and golf.  I also have a passion for running and you may see my pounding the streets of Bishopthorpe whilst training for marathons and half marathons.                

Hannah Leadbetter (Staff Governor)


Working as a teaching assistant, with an interest in playing a greater part in the life of the school, I was very happy to join the team of governors this year. During my time at AYJS, I've worked one to one with pupils with extra needs, taught groups - both within and outside of class, trained Peer Mediators and been lucky enough to join the year 6 pupils on their residential trip.

Apart from working with children, I love spending time with my family, reading, outdoor activities and sports. I play in a badminton team and compete against other clubs. My holidays are often spent camping, biking, canoeing and hiking (with a book to enjoy in  between times).

Clare Ashton (Parent Governor)



I am Mother to a daughter at AYJS and a son at the infant school. In my professional life, I am a forensic psychologist, working with individuals with complex and challenging behaviour. This means I bring passionate experience in working collaboratively with everyone (be that  adult or child) to explore a broad range of potential alternative solutions to problems and supporting people to find the best way forward in difficult situations. Working as a manager in the public sector also means that I am used to working effectively and efficiently in order to ensure the public get the best possible value for money, which will hopefully come in useful when I serve on the resources committee. 

Fiona Phillips (Parent Governor)



I am a mother of two girls, one currently at AYJS and the other at the Infant School.  In my professional life I am a Consultant in Public Health Medicine with a passion for improving healthy lifestyles.  I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the best health possible and should have the right tools to be able to achieve this.  I feel privileged to have a role on the governing body, as a good education plays a huge part in determining an individual's future health outcomes.  As a governor I would like to share this expertise and support AYJS in ensuring our children have the right foundations and are set on the path to having a healthy and fulfilling life.  In my spare time (what spare time?!) I enjoy gardening and swimming.

James Naish (Parent Governor)


I have been an AYJS parent since 2015 when my son started and expect to continue as one until my daughter finishes in 2023. I moved to Bishopthorpe in 2007, but previously spent time living here between studies after my parents moved here in 1994, working in The Ebor and playing for the cricket club. As a result, I feel a long-term affinity with the community which has evolved as my own family has integrated into village and school life.


In my working life, I am a solicitor, chartered surveyor, estate agent and business owner, all of which provide useful experience to add to the perspective of a school parent.


I enjoy going out to pubs and restaurants; and have always been a keen skier and snowboarder. I love various sports, but these days just as a spectator, instead keeping fit through cycling, running, walking and gym, with the occasional (and inevitably poor) round of golf.