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The resources are designed to expose children to current affairs, discover their interests and bring the world closer to their everyday lives. Picture News can be used to inspire and engage in real-life learning that they can impact and influence! 


Tom Palmer: The author of many books featuring spies, history, the RAF, ghosts, detectives, war, football and rugby. Listen to Tom Palmer reading from some of his books.

Sooper Books: Read our award-winning collection of free bedtime stories for kids, online story books, short stories, fairy tales, rhymes and poems.

Luke Temple: As a children's author I am passionate about getting children engaged with reading and writing. I have made my most popular book, Mutating Mansion, completely free to download, created an activity pack and there is also a competition which you can enter. 

David WalliamsTo listen to the FING audio book for free click here . Also listen to David Walliams reading stories from his other books here.

RenLearn: Renaissance Accelerated Reader are giving free access to 7,000 digital books and 5 daily news articles.

Covent Garden StoriesListen to amazing street performers read their favourite children's stories