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Our Approach to Learning is to promote pupil independence, resilience and ownership of learning. We develop each child as a confident, effective and reflective learner for life. We learn through whole school topics and work indoors, outdoors and off site so that learning is not segmented into subjects or just at school. Instead, pupils apply their knowledge, skills and ideas to all experiences.


The basic curriculum comprises of 4 core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing and eight foundation subjects of Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) including Citizenship, Physical Education (PE) and a language (currently Spanish in Lower Key Stage 2 and French in Upper Key Stage 2).  In addition, the children also study Religious Education which is a fundamental subject at our school.


Teachers plan National Curriculum subjects at appropriate levels. Each child’s level of achievement is regularly monitored and assessed to ensure quality of learning, guarantee continuity and progression and to aid future planning. All pupils can access the whole curriculum and activities are differentiated according to ability and pupils grouped accordingly within their class. On occasion pupils may attend lessons in other classes to support or extend their learning.


Pupils with Special Educational Needs access the whole curriculum through Individual Education Plans and Gifted and Talented pupils are extended through differentiated activities, on an individual basis if appropriate.


Our Creative Curriculum enriches the educational experience of children and provides opportunities for links between different areas of the curriculum with writing at the ‘heart’. They are taught through subject areas as well as through topics or projects. Throughout the day the pupils experience different styles of learning including individual, group and whole class work with many practical activities and experiences. Part of the curriculum is taught through educational visits, themed weeks and visitors to school.


Theme days and Theme weeks are a chance for the whole school to come together to focus on a particular subject in a variety of fun, constructive and informative ways.


The majority of teaching time is spent with the child’s own class teacher. However, we feel it is important to use staff expertise and skills as extensively as possible. Therefore, pupils will be taught by staff other than their own class teacher


The school has recently written its own curriculum as part of its desire to enable children continue to enjoy their learning in an exciting and stimulating manner, while at the same time ensuring that we fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum primary programme of study and and attainment targets for KS2 can be found here.


Please find details of year by year coverage and note that Maths, RE, MFL and PE remain as stand-alone subjects and are therefore not recorded on the overview sheets.


Please contact our Headteacher, Mr Jonathan Green,  via the school office if you have any further queries about our school curriculum. 

Curriculum Overview