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Cultural Awareness and Understanding

At AYJS we endeavour to give our children the very best education in Cultural Awareness.

We sponsor a little girl in the Gambia called Oumie and we often receive photos and letters from her.


In Year 5 the children are given the opportunity to spend an entire day in Bradford visiting a mosque, sampling Indian food and shopping at the Bombay stores.

Picture 1 We made Prayer mats
Picture 2 Wedding outfits in the Bombay stores
Picture 3 Delicious Indian Food
Picture 4 Inside the Mosque
Picture 5 Madni Masjid - Mosque in Bradford
Picture 6 Remove shoes before entering the Mosque
Picture 7 Wash room for Wudu before Prayer

Children visit a Synagogue in Year 4 as part of a topic on Judaism.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Cultural Awareness and Understanding underpins much of our curriculum in other years too. Our children love finding out about the world in Geography and History.