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Collective Worship

Mr Green has made weekly reflection videos for children and their families.  Please also see the iSingPOP videos below which are released weekly.

Holiday Worship with Revd Chris Coates

The Bible - Finding our Way (W/B 13 07 2020)

Join us as we wonder how we find our way on our journeys, with a treasure hunt, quiz and a song, and find out about YoYo's summer competition too! 

Bishopthorpe Awake

Don't forget to register to the Bishopthorpe AWAKE event on 14 July 2020:



POEMS for Tony Bower about Bible Stories

Tony Bower (YoYo) has written a book of 66 poems during lockdown linked to the 66 books of the bible and would like to add in a selection of children’s poems.  Tony would really like some poems from AYJS children - the poems can be linked to any bible story in the bible the children know well. Please send your poems, if at all possible before Summer, through to the school office at and we will make sure Tony receives them.

Paul in prison – writing letters of encouragement to share God’s love for all (W/B 06 07 2020)

Join us as we find out about Paul writing letters of support from prison, and explore how we can support each other during the changes in our life. All with a quiz, an activity and a song too!



God's Love:Romans 8:38-39

God's strength: Philippians 4 :13

God's peace: Philippians 4:7

Traveling together: Faith isn't shipwrecked! (W/B 28 06 2020)

We continue with Paul's journeys spreading God's love and knowing God is with you always as you travel on life's journeys. In this collective worship we explore the different journeys we make as we set out into the world. We think about where our travels take us, how we don't have to travel alone, and how God's love never fails. All with a game, the story of Paul's shipwreck, a song and a prayer activity! 

Paul's Missionary Journeys Song

See where Paul went on his Missionary Journeys and read the book of Acts with a new perspective!

Dear Lord

Please send forth your holy spirit into all of our hearts and souls. Let

us all celebrate your love and the beauty of your creation.

Inspire us to show kindness and equality to all of those around us

whatever or wherever we come from.

Let us all be strengthened by your wisdom from on high and let us be

thankful for all new days that are full of hope, possibility and joy.

Amen  ~  Prayer by Henry Cole 


Spreading the word of God around the world (W/B 22 06 2020)

In this Collective Worship we explore different journeys that we set off on during our lives, and find out about how a man called Saul met Jesus on a journey that dramatically  changed his life in amazing ways. A quiz, activity and song also help to explore and understand how we set out on our journeys.

Start of the Early Church (W/B 15 06 2020)

Peter Escapes From Prison

Healing: W/B 08 06 2020 

Peter and John Heal A Lame Man - Bible For Kids

Peter and John heal a lame man by Beautiful Gate in Jerusalem

The Day of the Pentecost (Animation made for AYJS by the Bray Family) 


Calling all Popstars! Welcome to the iSingPOP Show Episode 9. Join us every Friday at 11.30am for a show packed full of energy, laughter and dancing. 

iSingPOP Show Episode 9 - KINDNESS

iSingPOP Show Episode 8 - EQUALITY

iSingPOP Show Episode 7 - PATIENCE

iSingPOP Show Episode 5 - UNITY

The iSingPOP Show Episode 4 - THANKFULNESS

The iSingPOP Show Episode 3 - HOPE

iSingPOP Show Episode 2 - FEAR

iSingPOP Collective Worship - JOY

Worship with Revd Chris Coates

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