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Archbishop of York’s Church of England Junior School recognises each child as an individual. Through an open culture of respect and self belief, we aim to deliver the highest possible quality of education based on a foundation of Christian values and practice.  


We are very proud of our Church School status which is central to the ethos of the school and permeates all aspects of its life. We believe that Jesus Christ is at the heart of all that we do and we endeavour to deliver his message to all the children who attend AYJS.

We believe that it is important to provide the children at AYJS with a variety of Worship Styles, thus enabling them to see and understand that there is no one fixed approach and that worshipping God can take on many forms. It can be still and silent, it can be loud and noisy with lots of action, or it can be a blend of absolutely everything. The crucial thing is that the children find it memorable and know that it is a time when they can come closer to God.

With all this in mind, we reach out into our community and receive Worship Support from the following people and groups:


  • St Andrews Church, Bishopthorpe (Vicar and Rector - Chris Coates and Pam Macnaughton)
  • Copmanthorpe and Bishopthorpe Methodist Church (Ministers Stephen Barlow and Helen Freeston)
  • Rock Church (Evangelical Church in York - Danny Sewell))
  • YoYo (York Schools and York Trust - Tony Bower)
  • The Local ‘Open the Book Team’
  • Local Lay Preachers (Laura Gallery, Andy Skitt, Michael Sargent)
  • Foundation Governors (Pam Coates and Ann Cox)
  • The School Worship Team
  • The School ‘Jesus and Me’ (J.A.M Club)
  • Riding Lights Theatre Company
  • iSingPOP
  • The Archbishop of York
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SIAMS Report

All Church of England dioceses and the Methodist Church use the Church of England Education Office's framework for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.  The SIAMS Evaluation Schedule sets out the expectations for the conduct of the Statutory Inspection of Anglican, Methodist and ecumenical Schools under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005. AYJS was rated 'Outstanding' at our last SIAMS inspection in November 2016.


All our policies can be seen here.

Church Schools Action Plan

Religious Education Curriculum

Religious Education assumes an important role in our school curriculum and is a fundamental feature of school life generally. The Religious Education curriculum aims to develop the child’s awareness of religion and the religious beliefs and practices, which influence the lives of so many people. Religious Education is part of the basic curriculum, and contributes to the overall aims of education to promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of pupils at the school and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


It is taught in accordance with the requirements of the City of York Agreed Syllabus. Parents retain the right to withdraw their children on religious grounds from this subject. Please also see RE Curriculum Links.

Collective Worship

In the daily acts of Collective Worship we aim to:

  • encourage children to appreciate and experience Christian ethics of care, love, peace, respect and forgiveness within the community, having regard to the beliefs and practices of the Church of England

  • acknowledge and build a special relationship between the school and the parish church

  • appreciate the importance of other religious faiths.


The spiritual, social, cultural, and moral welfare of our pupils, whatever their background, is of prime concern to us at school. However, Christian values are built into our ethos and teaching, and are reflected in the cycle of themes on which our daily acts of worship are based.


Collective Worship is organised on a whole school basis, and is led by staff, clergy, visitors and the pupils themselves. One of the ways our school expresses its Christian character is by having services in our local church each term, and by enjoying a weekly visit from the local Church of England vicar and curate who make valuable contributions towards the religious and moral fabric of the school.


Parents do have the right to withdraw their children on religious grounds from acts of Collective Worship, but we believe that pupils so excluded would miss part of the corporate life of the school. If any parents wish to exercise their right, they are asked to discuss this matter with the Headteacher, and alternative arrangements will be made.

Assembly Worship Plan

Worship Team

The Worship Team is a group of pupils taken from all the year groups who share our Christian Values. They meet regularly to consider worship themes and plan whole school worship. They often lead worship. Their role is to focus on our Christian ethos within our school, our community and the wider world.

JAM Club (Jesus and Me Club)

We run a weekly JAM club and a termly Messy Church (not currently running due to Covid-19 restrictions). All children are welcome. We have a great team of leaders who are ready to welcome children to come and share a snack, have fun, learn about Bible heroes and stories, play games, do crafts and quizzes, make music, pray together and have a great time.

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