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CADE Match Report - Poetry in Motion

Poetry in motion...

Archie was a fantastic leaper

And that is why he ended up being our main keeper

James kept his position in defence really well

He’d played at the back before, you could tell!

Oliver loved to tackle and slide

When he scored the goal he definitely didn’t want to hide.

Isaac covered the left wing trying to make a steal.

He even pulled off a cheeky back heal.

Wil ran from end to end

On the constant look out for the perfect ball to send.

Harry had bounce back ability as well as lightening pace

Even when taking a ball right in the face!

Joe worked hard up top

Trying to pull off the perfect shot!

Luke, I really am a big fan

Your attitude and just ran and ran!

I’m sure the team won’t mind me giving Will a special mention

After all he did stop most of our tension.

Will T will never forget his first game

Where he entered the AYJS hall of fame

Suddenly in Dunnigton’s defence he spotted a hole

“Shoot” we all said. Wow! What a goal!

So hard work, determination and showing we were able

Resulted in one thing...finishing TOP OF THE TABLE

Miss Roberts ~ CADE Tournament 2016