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The Reflection Team



The Reflection Team are a group of children working together to create an outdoor reflection area. This will be a quiet space to the front of Mrs Ingram’s classroom window. In today’s sometimes chaotic and confusing world, it is increasing evident that at times, we all need a quiet time and place to gather our thoughts and reflect. This is the same for many of our lovely children at AYJS. The area will be fenced and have an arched entrance, leading up a pathway, to a centre pebble mosaic of a dragonfly. Some of the things we intend to include are: a bird bath, an outdoor mirror, a wooden cross, raised flower beds, a gazebo, seating and a beautiful stained glass piece of artwork, which has been thoughtfully designed by one of our pupils.

'The Open Heart and the Invisible Strings'


Below is the design for the stained glass sculpture. We were excited to meet the artist who will create this artwork. A farrier has also been found who is going to do the metal work for us.

The initial ground work has been done!


The ground work has been done!