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Catering Provision at AYJS and Online Income Collection
School dinners are supplied by Caterlink who are a specialist catering provider within the education sector. Below is a flyer introducing our supplier and please visit for more information. Also below is the draft autumn menu and special diet / allergy form. If applicable, this form should be completed as far as possible (the school will help to complete any gaps in school details / other information sections) and returned to the School Office, accompanied by a copy of the signed referral letter from a medical professional.
We are delighted to confirm that meal prices from September 2018 will be held at the current rates of £2.15 for a pupil meal and £3.00 for an adult meal. Within this meal price the school is able to recoup a few pence per meal, which is being used fully to cover various related costs such as the management, monitoring and administration of the contract, dinner money transaction fees, utilities, waste and other kitchen service costs. We have also made the decision to introduce a new Online Income Collection system called ParentPay that will not only be used to collect dinner monies, but also used for trips and activities.
This will be of huge benefit to both you and the school as we move towards a cashless office, as outlined in the enclosed document and for more information, please visit Once the system is live, we will send you an activation letter to get started and we look forward to working with you to ensure that you are able to realise the full potential of this system as a parent.