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Inspection Reports

Please find the most recent inspection reports below. We are very proud of our 'outstanding' school and, as a staff, we are committed to ensuring we maintain our very high expectations in the future. 


It was with this in mind that the school arranged for an Ofsted Style Health Check to take place on 23rd January. Its aim was to ensure that we are continually focusing on improving the teaching and learning that takes place in our school. It has also enabled us to get an informed outside view of areas which we need to develop.  This ‘Ofsted style’ inspection was carried out by Doug Lowes, an experienced educational consultant (former primary head, former Ofsted Lead Inspector, current overseas inspector and School Performance Officer for City of York).


The outcome was very positive and reassuring and the major findings have been summarised in the pdf document below 'Letter to parents from Health Check Findings - Feb 2018':