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Eco Committee


The Eco Committee members met and formed their action plan for the year. Please click on the link below to see what we hope to achieve this academic year.


Keep checking back for updates on how we are getting on!


We are well on our way with completing our work in the pond area. The Eco Committee would like to thank Mr Sykes for installing a new dipping platform. We are planning to go out to dig some more of the pathway in the next few weeks.



We have officially launched our new energy saving competition to help support 'Switch Off Fortnight'. All children have been invited to take part. The competition involves comparing your energy usage over two weeks. There great prizes to be won! Below is copy of the survey needed to take part.



The Eco Committee would like to thank the Scouts for starting the digging process in our pond area for the new pathway. They did a great job! We have also spent an hour there digging out a little more and our caretaker has been a few times to help out. Below are some photos of the Eco Committee in action. Well done to all involved!

Picture 1
Picture 2