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An African Story

Nomsa and the Baboons



 One day there was a girl called Nomsa who lived on a farm with lots of delicious fruit and vegetables growing everywhere. 



 Nomsa woke up one morning and noticed that the Melay field was as empty as a war bombed house.



Then she noticed, Baboons! Already people were getting hungry. They hadn't had any breakfast.



All the determined boys took weeks off school making lots of noise to scare away the baboons.



Nomsa realised the baboons came at night when the boys' were asleep so she sent them back to school and went to see the grumpy Sangoma.



She bought a goat for a present but he didn't accept it. "You're a brave child" he said. The Sangoma told her all about baboons and how dumb they were. Nomsa left with a good solution.



Nomsa bought rock hard pumpkins off their roof and made a hole in them. She tied them to a post with a chain. That night, the baboons came, found the pumpkins, put their hands in for the seeds but couldn't get their closed fists out because they were so greedy and wouldn't let go of the seeds.



Everyone danced and cheered that there were no more baboons to steal the melays crops again.